Ziza Art

ZizaArt is a modern artist that gets her inspiration from big brands.
“As everybody loves brand, its very human to lose yourself in this”.
She has created series of art sculptures: from fire extinguishers, to animal art and epoxy artworks.
After being part of ByLeeInk she decide to let her creativity accelerate and start her own “brand’.

Ziza Art

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ZizaArt - Off White...

  • Jerrycan Off White 10L and 5L
  • Limited edition piece of art (1/1)
  • This work was made with quality materials by the artist
  • Finished to perfection
  • Dimensions: approx 40 cm height, 30cm wide and 12cm deep (Large 10L), 30x 20x 12cm (Medium 5L)
  • Bare weight is approx. 2 kg a piece
  • Certificate of authenticity is included
  • Artist: ZizaArt

Price €371.90