VisserArtGallery started with a personal passion looking for and collecting affordable & modern art. This soon led to several instagram account to share these great pieces of art and highlight the artists behind them. With daily posts of amazing self owned art it soon reached thousands of people around the world. The collection soon expanded and led to many amazing partnerships/coorporations with talented local and international artists.

These include: Koen Betjes, Shepard Fairey, Ad van Hassel, Kevin, Valerian Lenud, Blundlund, KAWS, Canned, Postman, Aranka’s Art, Alessio B, BearBricks, MrXo, Opake and many others.

Everything we do, we do for our clients and these amazing artists. We don't create items ourself, we are a fast growing artgallery. Hope you like what we do, please do reach out! Looking forward seeing you Online or in our Gallery.