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Alessio B - The Queen...

Object: Giclee
Artist: Alessio B
Title: The Queen (Gold)
Year: 2022
Techniek: Giclee
Edition: 1/1 HF (Handfinished)
Condition: Excellent
Size: 70x50
CoA: included
Frame: black wooden frame included

Alessio B - The Queen (Gold) - 70x50

Price €326.45

Shepard Fairey - Obey -...

  • Off Set Lithograph
  • Title: Rebirth as part of the Reframe series (read below)
  • High Quality Speckletone Paper
  • Signed by Shepard Fairey
  • Edition: Open
  • Dimensions: 24x36 inch (61cm x 91cm)
  • Shepard Fairey - Obey - Rebirth - Offset Litho

ll three 24"x36" (SIGNED) AR activated offset lithograph prints on thick speckletone paper by Shepard Fairey in an open edition, featuring visionary leaders Common, Ai-Jen Poo, and Valarie Kaur. It’s time to REFRAME the issues that have been used to divide us, and start the conversations that can restore our faith in each other, renew our hope, and reweave the social fabric of this country that has been torn apart.

Price €103.31

Valerian Lenud - No More...

  • Artist: Valerian Lenud
  • Title of artwork: No More Soldiers
  • Object: High quality Giclee
  • Year: 2021
  • Edition: 100
  • Condition: Excellent condition
  • Total dimensions: 50x50cm
  • White wooden frame optional
Price €144.63

Koen Betjes - Money Sign x...

Koen Betjex mixed media artwork 25x25cm.

Possible to include black wooden frame (see 2nd picture) for 20EUR extra, please send email to after ordering.

Includes COA 1/1.

Koen Betjes - Money Sign x PopArt 1

Price €103.31

MVR Art - Balloon Art - Rolex

  • Artist: MVR
  • Type: Balloon Art
  • High Quality Materials used
  • Dimensions: 22x15x15cm (incl cord/rope 35x15x15)
  • Weight: 1.5KG
  • Handpainted
  • Including Certificate of Authenticity
  • Fantastic finish with glitter and transparent coating
  • MVR Art - Balloon Art - Rolex

Price €205.79

Ad van Hassel - Homage to...

Ad van Hassel - Homage to Jackson Pollock (blue) - 33CM

* Art Candy Toffee
* Artist: Ad van Hassel
* Limited Edition Sculpture
* Incl Certificate of Authenticity
* Incl Gift Box
* 33CM in Height

Price €144.63

Aranka's Art - Chanel No 5...

Aranka's Art - Chanel No 5 - II - 40x30

  • Mixed Media Artwork on Canvas
  • Title: Chanel No 5
  • Material: mixed media, magazines, newspapers, posters, acryl paint, varnis, goldleaf
  • Dimensions: 40x30x3cm
  • Signed on the back by the artist
  • Including (wall) mounting system
  • Artist: Aranka's Art

Price €268.60

Editions Studio - Jeff...

An edition of the famous "Balloon Dog" in graphite black. A popular choice among art-lovers for its bold appearance that steals the show in any room!

This Limited Edition sculpture is made from cold cast resin and finished with high quality paint layers. Our artworks are partly hand crafted which all together gives it its beautiful, smooth and shiny appearance. A must have for art-lovers.

The XXL version measures 46x42x16cm and weighs approx 3 KG.

Only 500 sculptures are created. This ensures our artwork remains exclusive and a great investment for the future. Each sculpture has its unique number engraved under the foot of the balloon dog. This number corresponds to the number on the new and improved Certificate Of Authenticity (COA).

Editions Studio - Jeff Koons (after) - Graphite Black XXL

Price €1,033.06

Snoopy / Dough - Pink, Pink...

Amazing fine art print, titled Snoopy / Dough - Pink, Pink & Red.
Including seven signatures and stamps by artist and the brand.

Pigment print : 12 Colors
Paper: 100 % Cotton (Hahnemuhle) 
Paper density: 300 GSM
Size: 460 X 610 MM
Made in Sweden (Stockholm)

Snoopy / Dough - Pink, Pink & Red.

Price €144.63

Opake LWI - Felix the Cat /...

Felix the Cat 3D glass art by Opake LWI

Object: 3D glass artpiece
Title of artwork: Felix the Cat / Smile
Year: 2021
Edition: 1/1
Frame: included (part of artwork)
CoA: included
Condition: Excellent condition
Signature: On the artwork
Total dimensions: 30x20 cm

Opake LWI - Felix the Cat / Smile - Glass Art

Price €289.26

Norman Gekko - Crushed...

Object: Popart Sculpture
Artist: @normangekko
Title: Chanel No 5.
Year: 2021
Color: Silver
Edition: 1/1
Condition: Excellent
Size: 30cm H x 16cm Wide x 16cm Deep
Weight: 2KG
CoA: included
Shipping: secured and insured 🌎📦
Price: DM for details

Norman Gekko - Crushed Chanel No 5

Price €247.11